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Sir Andrew Davis

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Sir Andrew Davis, conductor

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Kathryn Harries, soprano

Janice Watson, soprano

Richard Coxen, tenor

Ashley Holland, baritone

Stephen Richardson, bass-baritone

Michael Davies, violin

Women of the BBC Singers


Kurt Weill: Royal Palace, Op. 17

Kurt Weill: Der neue Orpheus, Op. 16

World Premiere Recording complete with booklet containing articles, complete libretto and translations.


Kurt Weill's one-act play "Royale Palace" is based on a libretto by Ivan Goll from 1927. In chronological sequence, it occupies a place between "The Protagonist" (Capriccio 60086) and "The Tsar Has His Picture Taken" (Capriccio 60007). Following "The Firebrand of Florence" (Capriccio 60091) a wotk from Weill's American phase, this work once again extends Capriccio's range of recordings of works from Weill's early years. Once more, Sir Andrew Davis is found at the BBC Symphony Orchestra stand. As for the premiere, "Royale Palace" is complemented with the cantata "The New Orpheus", also based on a text from Ivan Goll.


Kurt Weill: Royal Palace

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